T. A. Anderson


Interview with a vampire… I mean blogger.

Welcome to my very first interview blog post. I’m nosy. I like to know everything about everyone, so I figured what better way to get my info? I’ll start a series of interviews on my blog. It seems less stalkerish that way.

First up we have my best fran, my lover, my road dog for life, Autumn. Also known as, The Book Trollop. He we go…

1. What is the first book you remember reading and thinking, ‘Yep, I need fiction in my life, for the rest of my life’?
~Twilight… I read a lot in high school but it wasn’t until Twilight that I really fell in love with fiction…

Sparkly Edward. ;-)

2. You’re a different breed when it comes to book bloggers. You bring a very unique sass, and humor to the table. Is this something you knew you had to do to stand out against the thousands of others? Did you know going into blogging that you wanted to portray a certain image, or does your filthy mind come naturally?
~hahaha… actually, at first, I tried to keep everything proper and kosher so people wouldn’t be offended but then I realized when I did that, I wasn’t be-ing myself and I wasn’t happy with the reviews I was doing. It was actually Tara Sivec’s Chocolate Series that finally made me realize that I wanted to be more out there like her because she fucking awesome and has a dirty mouth and people still liked her ;)…

3. If you could have sex with one fictional man, who would it be? (Note: I said MAN. No college boys. ;-P)
~Ummmmm Christian Grey because I think he could even teach me a few things lol

SighIs it February yet?

4. Which book/author surprised you recently?
~I haven’t read many new authors lately but Jessica Sorensen surprised me with her Forgotten Girl novel… Fucking CREEPY!!!

5. The blogger/author community has its fair share of drama. We’re women, we naturally gravitate towards it, but you always stick with strictly bookish talk on your blog. How do you stay away from all the craziness?
~HA! oh please, just because I don’t talk about it, doesn’t mean I don’t pop popcorn at home and watch it unfold… I like to make up my own stories on what is going on and who started it and why… My stories entertain me and may even make an appearance in something I am writing ;)..

6. I had the privilege of being one of the first people to read a project you’ve been secretly working on. When did you decide you wanted to cross over to the dark side and become a fiction writer?
~When the characters were driving me fucking crazy in my mind lol… Oh and when you pretty much told me I was wasting my life because I wasn’t writing… Thanks for that whore face!

7. Do you think blogging has impacted the way you are approaching your story?
~Of course! While reading a book I see what works, what doesn’t work, and what makes a story. Of course I don’t let it effect the overall details because I don’t want to be considered a copy cat but I do know what I like in a story and what I hate so it makes me stay on track… If that makes sense.

8. I know I’m your favorite author, but I have to ask, who is your second favorite author at the moment. (You can’t pick five. So don’t go there.)
~My second favorite?? Are you fucking high?? This is an asshole question and you are a cuntwaffle for asking haha… hmmm at the moment, I would have to say Heather Lyons because I just finished Fate Series and I was a hot fucking mess afterwards… I seriously love her and her words!!

HAHA! I love it when you call me a cuntwaffle.

Quick fire questions:

Stuck in an elevator with Gideon: Ask him to marry you or have sex with you?
~Fuck him all day

Series or standalones?

Cake or cupcakes?

Fuck? Marry? Kill? Options: Gideon, Fifty, Travis. (HA!)
Fuck Fifty
Marry Gideon
Kill Travis

Stepbrothers or Anchorman?

Memes or GIFs?
~ Gifs

Vine or Instagram videos?

Spit or swallow?
~Spitters are quitters

Yes they are. ;-)

Well friends, that’s all the time we have today. Thank you to my favorite whore, Autumn, for taking the time to answer my questions.

You can find Autumns blog on Facebook here. https://www.facebook.com/thebooktrollop
Trust me, it’s the most entertaining one around.

Peace, love and chicken grease.