T. A. Anderson


A curious case of signings and giveaways

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first signing as an author. I have been to a few signings as a reader, and I had a blast. Being on the other side of the table was an interesting experience for me. If you asked me to pick one emotion that I felt throughout the entire signing, I couldn’t pick just one. It was exciting, surreal, strange, scary, and a lot of fun.

Most people have no clue who I am, so when they approach my table they just look at me like ‘who the hell are you?’.

This is where the strange part comes in. I am, in this big world of indie authors, a nobody. So, I have to do something that will grab someones attention, get them to take a chance on me, and buy my book. Well, I’m awkward around strangers (stranger danger) So, naturally I just sit there and stare at people, hoping they will say something to break the ice. This happened for most of the morning once the signing started.

But then… a little angel came along and helped me out of my sad little awkward shell.

The beautifully awkward, Penny Reid, came to my table and introduced herself. I fangirled like a mother trucker. I had been stalking following Penny on FB for some time. I haven’t read her books yet, but her posts made me laugh, so I wanted Penny to teach me how to be funny. I told myself before the signing that I wanted to meet this lady and quite possibly have fictional babies with her. So, when penny showed up to my table I was like…

We had a little chit chat, then Penny decided to help a sister out by rearranging my table for me. She asked if she was overstepping my boundaries, which I thought was hysterical. I had been stalking her. I think I smashed any boundaries between us already.

I told her to do whatever she wanted, because this is Penny Reid. You just sit back and let Penny work her book signing magic.

Once Penny was satisfied with my table she went back to her side of the room. (which was way too far away to stare at her, damn it.)

More people started approaching my table at this point, and I figured it was because I had brownies out… and alcohol. I was pleasantly surprised when some of the visitors had told me that Penny sent them. That made me smile. Have I mentioned I LOVE PENNY?

Fast forward to another highlight of the signing. Mr. Adorable came to visit my table. Who is Mr. Adorable? Oh, it’s just COLBY. He’s beautiful, and sweet, and beautiful, and… okay I’ll stop.

See… he’s beautiful.

I was a little tipsy after sucking down some wine to calm my nerves, so I decided to walk around the room to introduce my intoxicated self to other authors. I stumbled upon Renee Carlino, who is so freaking gorgeous. Apparently she too had been drinking, so I went back to my table, loaded up a plate of junk food, and brought it back to her. Again, I had yet to read anything by the hottie Renee, but my lover Autumn (The Book Trollop) is obsessed with her, so I was already fangirling over her. I made an ass of myself by talking too much, bought her books, then stumbled back to my table.

Before I knew it, the signing was over and it was time for the group picture. I stood off to the side like a moron waiting for someone to place me somewhere. Then, the heavens opened up. Renee grabbed me and set me on her tiny, pleather clad lap. Pictures were taken by a photographer, then I took a few selfies of Renee and I to commemorate the occasion.

Once the pictures were done, I found Penny and forced her to take awkward pictures with me. She complied.

There you have it friends. My first signing.

Now, for the fun stuff. I have a TON of stuff left over from the signing! I want to give some of it away. I have FIVE prize packs that include a signed paperback copy of Cutting Deep, necklace/bracelet charms, bookmarks, postcards, and a few other goodies. All you have to do is share the giveaway and come back to the comments here and tell me where you shared. Easy peasy. I’ll pick winners from the comments below. Giveaway ends Thursday April 3rd, at midnight.